Being in the fashion industry for many years, I’ve witnessed first hand the amount of waste the industry creates.  There is much discussion about the manufacturing effects on the environment but packaging waste (plastic bags and such) are a topic with less attention.  Every single piece of clothing is generally shipped from the factory in a plastic bag. And then again from the brand to the consumer in another (different) plastic bag.  I saw so many plastic bags accumulate from the various samples and shipping processes and they all end up in the trash.  

In starting BLA I wanted to take a mindful approach with regard to packaging, so we have chosen to send our items into the world in a mesh bag that serves as a reusable laundry bag.  This saves the consumer having to recycle the plastic bag (did you know plastic bags cannot go in your curbside recycling) and furthermore washing your bra and leggings in the laundry bag helps maintain the integrity of the fabric.  I was also frustrated by all the tags on things that pretty much immediately go into the trash. So we use one tag; it’s printed on post-consumer paper and is attached with an elastic tie that doubles as a hair tie! (We love things that lead a double life)  We also found a company that makes compostable shipping bags, so we use those to ship our orders. 

In terms of our fabrics and manufacturing processes, we are searching for sustainable options for fabrics and hope to implement some of these in the future. But for now, we are proud of our choices in packaging and firmly believe that every step and effort in the direction to reduce impact, is important and should be celebrated!  We’d love to hear what choices you have found to reduce or waste less; message us, let’s share and learn from one another!

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