A Timeless Wardrobe, but why though?

If you have been following our brand journey, you know we use the word timeless quite often.  Our design ethos is built around creating activewear styles that transcend trends but feel current and relevant season after season.    

When I first started in the fashion industry, I lusted over the “must have” pieces from every “hot” designer each season.  As a sales rep, I saw the collections before they launched and often ordered directly from the brands (aka wrote personal orders) a recipe for a serious shopping problem.  And more so a formula for a closet full of items...not necessarily a wardrobe that made sense or worked together.

As I transitioned into design and merchandising roles, I had to create collections that were ever evolving, while staying familiar while also feeling fresh (umm eek).  As a brand you become a slave to the trends, constantly needing to impress buyers.  Generally a small selection of your collection ends up in production, which results in waste (I’ve spoken on this before) but also you end up producing random styles rather than your entire cohesive collection..It’s an exhausting cycle! 

With all of this in mind, I wanted to be sure BL|A operated under a different formula.  I love a good trend just as much as anyone else, but I want you to reach for your BL|A pieces season after season.  I envision you wearing them with your favorite items from other brands.  I don't expect our customers to wear head to toe BL|A all the time.  Layering pieces from different brands, is how we create our unique style.  

Each capsule collection plays off the one that came before it; a continuous merchandising situation that I get really excited about (nerd alert.)  It’s completely intentional that the colors flow from one season to the next, with a stand out “classic” print in the mix.  We design all of our prints in house, and they are a labor of love.  This means you will not find the exact print in our unique color combinations, anywhere else!  The prints are the stars and the solids play a supporting role, and together they help build an activewear wardrobe that’s easy to work with, and one that you will reach for time and time again.  

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Verlyn McGilvray October 01, 2020

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