There is so much talk about mindfulness but what does it mean?  It’s such a buzz word, but a worthy one.  From my perspective being mindful means staying present, embracing each moment, and paying attention to your thoughts.  It so easy to get caught up and become overwhelmed by our busy lives and that we forget to truly experience what’s in front of us.

When we launched BLA I was 7 months pregnant, so the development and creation of the company coincided with the growing of my little human.  How incredibly magical and also how incredibly intense!  Now that BLA is up and running, baby is here so I find myself balancing, juggling and enjoying it all but that doesn't mean its not stressful AF.  It takes conscious effort and setting the intention to practice mindfulness on the reg. to not have daily meltdowns (but don’t get me wrong I have had my fair share)  Whether you are a mama or a dog mom, a student or a badass career woman, an entrepreneur or just living your best life, being mindful benefits us all. Here are 3 ways that help me! 

  • Focusing on your breath: Its sounds super basic but it's such an easy way to calm anxiety and reset your system.  A few times a day, practice alternate nostril breathing.  Breathe in one side, hold and exhale from the other side.  This is also known as Nadi Shodhana
  • Changing perspective:  I’ve recently started removing “I have to” or “I should” from my vocabulary and using “I get to” instead.  It literally changes the frequency from negative to positive.  Like I get to design leggings, I get to take my amazing kid to the park, I get to write blogs lol.
  • Getting outside: when all else fails, go outside.  Take your shoes off, feel the earth beneath your feet, hug a tree.  There’s nothing like mother nature to bring you back to center.

I would love to hear how you practice mindfulness, please comment below.




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