We truly are in the midst of unprecedented times.  There is not a person on the planet who remains unaffected.  As a small business owner, the unknown future is scary to say the least.  Many businesses big and small, have adopted new promotions or strategies to boost sales during this time.  I get it, it’s tempting. I myself have been asked what sales or promotions I have in the pipeline, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share why I won't be doing anything of the sort.

Counter-intuitive I know; but let me share the big picture behind Blank Label Active pricing with you.  I believe consumers (you and me) deserve fair and consistent prices. Collectively we are waking up to the realization that old ways of doing business (and many other things) do not serve us.  We can see through the schemes, tactics and tricky language aimed at luring us into buying items we don’t need, because they are “going fast” or “deeply discounted for a limited time”.  Discounts and sales create a false sense of urgency and consumers end up making purchase decisions fueled by fear. Believe me I have fallen victim to “end of season sales” way too many times to count, and my closet is full of stuff I never wear.  

I would love to shift the narrative.  My hope is to encourage mindful purchases.  I want you to buy what you need and feel really good about the price you paid, knowing the quality far exceeds the price point.  Furthermore it's important to me that our prices are available to everyone, not just “very important people.” We do offer bundles as the best value, but those bundles are customizable; allowing the customer complete creative control.

So I DO hope for a major shift; in mindset and consumerism.  We are being called to assess how we live our lives. Focusing on the essential, the timeless, and the things we really need that compliment our life.  Our wallets and most importantly our planet will thank us.

P.S. We have extended our return window to 45 days during this period.  And as always feel free to DM us regarding size questions; we hope these measures will increase your confidence in choosing BLA during these trying times! 

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