In a sea of activewear brands, why did we start BLA and why now? 

I’ve been in fashion for what seems like forever! I started in contemporary then transitioned to active 5 years ago. In my experience as a brand manager, merchandiser, designer and sales rep; I knew there had to be a better way to operate a brand; something that felt fresh and exciting. I felt that brands had become so detached from their customers and customers had been paying inflated prices so they could wear a particular “label”. This way of doing business felt real tired...  

As a consumer, what is a label anyway?  I wanted something I could layer into my existing wardrobe. Pieces that fit me, but didn’t define me. I wanted straight forward pricing, and a way to shop that was simple and consistent every-time. I also wanted to buy from a company with a conscience. So from the perspective of both a customer and fashion industry expert, Blank Label Active was born. And at the most perfect time, because all we have is now amiright?! We love being a part of what’s happening in the fitness and fashion industry, there are so many great companies and brands, all doing it a bit different. 

We'd love to see how you work BLA into your life and activewear wardrobe so please be sure to tag us on instagram!

@blanklabelactive and #blaallday #nolabelisthenewlabel


Tiffany Rose | Founder of BLA









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