Of 2000 people polled by Nordstrom (hey thanks guys) 92% said they would hit the gym if they had activewear they actually liked. And nearly 70% said they worry others will judge them for not dressing fashionably at the gym.

That’s right. Fashion (or lack thereof) is getting in the way of fitness. As the owner of an activewear line, this brings up all kinds of feelings. 

I personally see the importance of having good quality performance apparel (hence Blank Label Active!), but honestly I was quite surprised by the results of this poll. Now lets be real, we don’t know any statistics about the people they polled BUT 2000 people is still 2000 people. What is most sad about these findings though, was their fear of being judged for what they’re wearing while at the gym!  “Unfashionable'' can refer to many things but most likely it alludes to NOT wearing the “cool brand.” The exclusivity associated with “cool brands” is a big reason why I chose to keep my line label and logo free. Even though it might make it harder for someone to recognize my line, I’m proud that my customers are not walking billboards. When someone chooses to wear BLA, it’s because they truly like the product and see the value in supporting a woman-owned business that’s committed to high-quality activewear with a great fit and un-inflated prices.  

For me, I’m proud to have a line that women love to wear, and that empowers them to go to the gym with confidence, comfort and style. What about you: does your activewear play a role in your decision to go to the gym, and how you feel once you’re there?

My lovely mompreneur friend Melody from Fred and Far sent over the original article this blog post is inspired by from the New York Post.  So thankful to have friends that are in the know!  


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